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Verigreen Inc. Day Rehabilitation for Small Group is a community based program. The program provides a sound and enabling environment for individual participation in meaningful activities and community integration. The activities reflect the individual’s preferences and goals that culminate in adult learning opportunities, skill building that offers real opportunities for individuals to pursue their personal interests and engage in the community life activities. Programs are offered in the most integrated settings in the community. Our goal is to enable supported individuals to achieve their highest level of independence, potentials and lead meaningful lives. Our Small Group Day Program is designed to meet the unique social, educational, physical and emotional needs of individuals with a wide range of disabilities, while providing a safe, secure, and stimulating environment where individuals can learn, grow, nurture relationships with their peers, and actively participate in the community activities around them.

Small groups

Community Integration

We identify and nurture opportunities for participants to be involved in leisure and recreational activities and outings of interest to them. We provide transportation to and from, and facilitate the use of such community resources as libraries, parks, museums, shopping centers, theaters, festivals, etc.

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Life Skills Development

We offer education and training in functional skill development that focuses on each participant's individual strengths and interests. Our programs challenge participants to enhance their skills in independent living, communication, socialization, and pre-vocation.

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We facilitate positive social interactions among our consumers, staff, and the community at large. We strive to promote self-esteem and to have each participant experience some measure of joy and success each day they are in our program.

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Pre-vocational Skill Training

We provide training in specific job-related skills based on each participant's individual strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes... Empowering them to pursue employment in an area of interest. Ultimately, what we offer is the opportunity for greater independence and the sense of what it means to be truly, actively engaged in the community.