Our Services

Our Services

Verigreen HCS brings health and wellness provisions through Caregiving to you. We understand how estimable are your loved ones, making them feel at home especially when going for appointments, integrating to the community  and receiving adequate attention can take a considerable amount of time and effort especially if assistance is required due to age, illness or disability. With our services, we aim to bring to you, convenience and quality services at the comfort of your own home. Our focus is to implement right programs to meet the individual challenges and to help them feel comfortable as much as possible. We have a wide variety of service options available to fit the needs of individuals in our care. From basic housekeeping services; to making sure your linens and resident utilities are properly processed, inspected and adequately used to ensuring maximum comfort for your loved ones.


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Our Small Group Day Program is designed to meet the unique social, emotional, and educational needs of individual adults with a wide range of disabilities. At the same time providing a safe, secure, and stimulating environment where adults with disabilities can learn, grow, nurture relationships with their peers, and actively participate in the community activities around them. You are served if you are an adult with intellectual disabilities who is in need of day supports, but may not be ready or interested in full time vocational services or employment.
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Develop, implement and train individuals on their program plan based on interdisciplinary team recommendation and approval, daily living assistance and home making, grocery shopping, meal planning and preparing, geared towards healthy eating. Kitchen coordination hands-on assistance, clothes selection based on preference and weather condition with laundry assistance services, pet care assistance, hands-on assistance with moving personal belongings. Also, assistance paying bills on behalf of the individual, corresponding, and general record keeping, personal hygiene, general appearance, accompany individuals to social/entertainment activities. We work closely with individual, family members regarding specific needs Skilled and complex Nursing services.
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Personal/Respite care, accompany individual to medical appointments, assisting with scheduling medical appointments and follow up with administration of medication as instructed by the physician using a trained employee and adequately documenting all events and physician order. Our trained medication employees are supervised by a seasoned registered nurses and professionals. Our aides will help our patients deal with everyday activities of daily living. They have been extensively trained to work with clients and have been known to be the reliable support system to our multitude of clients. Our regular evaluation and feedback systems allow us to constantly monitor or employees and rapidly respond to issues that may be a concern to the individual that we serve.
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VHS caregivers provides guidance on medication management for the individuals in our care. Understanding the medication, having complete medical records, monitoring when to take meds and carefully following instructions are all important components of medication management for the individual. Because of the volume of medicines and supplements they may be taking, many people find that they have problems keeping their medication regiment straight. They may take too much, too little, take it at the wrong time of day or not at all. What all this means for our caregivers is that they have to be extra diligent about helping the people in our care by managing their medications.
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Support staff determine home care service needs of older adults and individuals with disabilities who choose to remain safely in their homes. Some of the services are; Bathing, grooming and personal hygiene assistance, Blood pressure and temperature monitoring, Dedicated attention and general supervision of health, Bathing, Skin care, Light housekeeping, Meal preparation, Home exercise program, Ambulation, Medication management, Mobility assistance, Oral hygiene, Nail care and so on.
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We care for your loved ones through our various programs which is people-centered. Our commnuity integrations through our Day-Program ensures full participation of your loved ones in the daily activities of life for the purpose of therapeutic, independence and effective communication.